Louisiana Conference of

Southern Baptist Evangelists

​at Niagra Falls, 2007

As the 2014 President of LACOSBE, I want to honor a former President of LACOSBE - Bro. Jack Daniels.  I am honored to have met Bro. Jack, and have been so mightily influenced by this Man of God.  He was a preacher like none I have met before.  Many called Spurgeon a "Prince of Preachers" - I feel that Bro. Jack was a "Captain" of the Evangelists.  I have seen the Lord use this man in a way that still baffles me.  Whether in the big high steeple monster "mega churches" or the little shotgun church on the side of the road, or at a hog/dog festival, homeless shelters, and rv camps, he preached the unrelenting Gospel.  His motto was "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ"    I would like to share a couple of stories, and leave room for anyone else who would like to share how Bro. Jack has influenced their ministry or life.

On a mission trip together in Connecticut, we pulled into a Wal*Mart store.  We noticed that an elderly man circled Bro. Jack's bus and circled our bus and was staring at us.  Around and around he went.  Bro. Jack got on his CB radio, and asked me "What is that man doing?"  I said, "I'm gonna go find out."  As we approached the man, he stopped, and said that he was admiring the two buses.  Bro. Jack immediately shared with the man the Gospel.  The man was unreceptive, spit his tobacco juice on the ground right near Bro. Jack's boot, and seemingly was okay with being lost.  The more that man spit, the more powerful and passionate Bro. Jack became.  We gave the man some Lisemby CDs, and Bro. Jack had a series of sermons on DVD that he gave.  And off that man went.  And off we went.  "Two ships passing in the night", some might say.  Well a few nights later, this old man's son contacted Bro. Jack on his website praising God because his daddy, who he had been praying for for years, got saved listening to the Gospel that was given to him in a Wal*Mart parking lot in Connecticut.

While on the edge of Vermont, we pulled our buses into a parking lot next to an antique shop/ice cream parlor for lunch.  We walked through the antique shop, and some of the family wanted some ice cream, so we enjoyed ourselves a bit during this time while lunch was being prepared.  The workers asked us why we were up in that part of the country, so Bro. Jack began to again share Jesus right there openly.  Of course, he made the Lisembys sing a song, and while we were singing "I Am So Glad God Saves Old Sinners", Bro. Jack was whooping and "Amen"-ing and egging us on.  We had church in an ice cream parlor!  Afterwards, out the door we went to have lunch at the buses.  Before we got to the buses, a man stopped us, and this is what he said, "My wife and I have never been religious, but when my wife became ill, we began looking for something.  And what I felt inside that ice cream parlor is what I want.  What is that?"  "Man, it was my Jesus that you felt!" exclaimed Bro. Jack.  And out came the Gospel - which is the Power of God unto Salvation!!  That man gloriously got saved, and said he was going home to tell his wife that he got saved, and found what they had been looking for.  Amen, Amen, Amen!!!

Bro. Jack was my friend, as well as my co-worker for the Lord....a true Hero of the Faith.   I miss him every day.

Bro. Joel K. Lisemby


Bro. Jack David Daniels

​1947 - 2013


"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."

(Psalm 116:15 KJV)

holding our son, Nathan

April, 2011

at our wedding, April 17, 2010

with my husband, Grant,

on the Sea of Galilee

If would like to share how Bro. Jack influenced your life or your ministry, please send it to:  LACOSBEwebmaster@yahoo.com

with my husband and my Dad in Israel

Saturday, June 22, 2013

When Men of God Pass Away

      Early this morning, one of the greatest men I have ever had the privilege to know passed from this world into eternity and saw Jesus face to face.  My spirit rejoices. But my heart is breaking.

      Bro. Jack David Daniels grew up living up to his name - Jack Daniels.  At the early age of 35, he was a drug addict and alcoholic and in the hospital with a swollen liver.  Then on July 4, 1982, he found Jesus and surrendered his life to Him.  His motto became "From the Bottle to the Bible."  It wasn't long before he was called to preach and he spent the last years of his life traveling all over the world leading thousands to Christ.

      I met Bro. Jack ab out six years ago and I have never seen God work through a man like He did Bro. Jack.  He became an instant friend to my family.  We toured together.  We did revivals together.  We traveled to Israel together.  And he helped officiate my husband's and my wedding.

      I will miss Bro. Jack.  Today, Heaven is rejoicing and he joined the cloud of witnesses gathered to watch us continue to run our race here on earth.

 As I watch great men of God steadily pass away, my "mommy heart" trembles with fear.  I have been blessed to know great men of God and sit under their preaching.  But they won't all live forever.  Today is proof of that.  And I am left to wonder, who will be the Bro. Jack to my children??  Will they even know strong men of God who are unmovable in their faith and who stand firm upon the Word?  Will they hear old-time preaching?  Will they experience great revivals?  Or will they be left with compromising, shallow, and watered-down leaders in the contemporary Church?  Will all they have be the Emergent Church belief system that plays to the flesh and is doctrinally flawed?  I pray to God that there will be someone who steps up and fills the shoes of men like Bro. Jack so my children can have what I had.

      Please keep the Daniels family in your prayers.  If you have ever lost a loved one, then you can sympathize with what they are going through.  Though we rejoice that we will see him again, our hearts are heavy that we are left here without their presence.  So life them up.  And pray for the generations to come who will never know or hear the preaching of this great man.

Kristen Lisemby Lee